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Who would of thought back in March 2020, we would be back in our third lockdown in January 2021.

This time emotions are running high, we are all sick and tired of it, particularly over the Christmas period and New Year. Anger, worry, upset, hurt, fear and a general feeling of low mood.

For me, my business has now been closed down for the third time and so far half a year in total, at the moment with no insight as to when business owners, self-employed and directors will receive any more financial help and support or any definite dates of reopening.

It is proving to be a stressful and worrying time, especially with the virus mutating, spreading quicker and at its highest levels of infection rate yet.

With five children at home to fend for, bills to be paid, I need to keep a focused level head, positive thoughts and calm my anxieties.

Fortunately I have the tools at hand and experience as a therapist to do so, immediately with the pressure of possibly becoming psychologically and emotionally challenged, life always brings me back to one thing, my Safety net and saviour - Aromatherapy.

My fondest memory and most inspiring moment, was back in the day when I worked at Ragdale Hall health hydro.

One evening I presented an evening demonstration with Noella Gabriel, the famous Elemis guru.

This lady was a mind field of knowledge and information, I was in awe. Noella is the lady behind all those amazing Elemis treatments you receive in spas and salons across the world. The focus of the demonstration was directly on aromatherapy, which started with a drop of lavender essential oil placed on a tissue for each client to inhale.

I stood back and then listened to the magical Irish voice of Noella, she talked effortlessly nearly all evening on this one particular essential oil.

She explained about the benefits of Lavender when inhaled, applied topically when used in skincare and also bathed in. I didn’t want this evening to end, a memorable and poignant moment in my career I will never forget.

Later in my career, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a low point in my life, left wondering what to do. My son was only six, I was a single mum, with a business to run, staff to think about and a physical job with clients who needed me. Once again I was drawn back to what I practise and preach about every day at work, I now needed regular massage and aromatherapy to help manage my condition.

Since that very day, I try and have an aromatherapy massage weekly, with an outstanding intuitive holistic massage therapist- Sue Louis.

Sue’s therapies go above and beyond and exceed expectations, she blends essential oils to suit your needs emotionally, physiologically and psychologically on that day. If you are ever bypassing Oxford I would thoroughly recommend a massage with Sue at Pure indulgence day spa.

Recently myself and Sue discovered a secret little gem, the latest and up-and-coming essential oil, which we are hearing pop-up everywhere -OUD essential oil. Sue and I both looked at each other, what is this OUD?. We wanted to know more and we were also amazed by its affects, most people just thought this was a fashionable oil being talked about until we used oud within the treatment. We discovered the oil was fantastic to help with my fibromyalgia, but I have come across OUD once before, in the escape aromatherapy temple balm by scentered.

I once applied the balm to my temples in the middle of my working day, but quickly realised I couldn’t do that again, it made me too zoned out, I felt mesmerised I was too relaxed, a surprisingly strong and powerful effect. Perfect if you do want to escape, relax and zone out. Ideal for evenings at home to escape the worries of everyday life, calm yourself and deeply relax.

OUD essential oil, also known as Oudh or Agarwood, ‘The wood of God’

When the tall healthy Agarwood tree becomes infested with mould it produces a dark scented resin known as OUD or Oudh, popularly called ‘Liquid Gold’.

Only certain specific and old Agarwood trees contain this resin.

Which makes OUD, one of the most luxurious cosmetic extracts of the world.

OUD is used in body mists, perfumes, shower gels, colognes and many more products.

Within skincare products OUD helps with the following skin concerns-

· Redness

· Swelling

· Irritation

· Puffiness

OUD helps to soothe itching caused due to infection, dryness or wound healing

Also known as India’s natural treasure, this musky fragrance is a spiritual fragrance, enlightening the senses and is reputed to have psychoactive properties by installing deep inner peace, something many of us require in lockdown.

OUD essential oil helps to elevate consciousness, balances emotions, generates positive energy, provides motivation, increases awareness, self-awareness and the necessary devotion to meditation, resulting in a sedative effect.

Also used for spiritual journey, enlightenment, clarity and grounding. Tibetan monks use it to bring energy to the centre and calm the mind and spirit. Buddhists use it for transmutation of ignorance, opening up the third eye and all the upper chakra’s while calming the whole entire spiritual system.

At this difficult time in lockdown the benefits of OUD essential oils are perfect.

I get my OUD fix from using the Scentered Escape range

OUD has a distinctive woody fragrance so personally I like it blended with frankincense, sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli, creating a therapeutic spa aroma. The aromatherapy balm in particular is fab and so easy to use, just apply to your pulse points and then inhale, breath and reset your emotions and mood.

OUD will help you to calm your body, remove destructive and negative energies, provide enhanced awareness, reduce fear, invoke a feeling of harmony, enhance mental functionality and ease neurotic and obsessive behaviour.

To purchase the ESCAPE Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm please click on the image below .

All my Love Tammy


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