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Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

With the recent launch of this new Elemis eye mask, I just had to try it, it sounded amazing. With my eye area being my main concern I ordered it immediately and had to give it a go.

As you will all be aware unfortunately beauty spas and salons are unable to open on July the 4th as we were hoping for. 

I think we can safely say, we are all missing our beauty treatments, much needed pampering and much needed relaxation.

Personally I miss my monthly Elemis anti-ageing facial, so I have stepped up my home care and introduced some additional Elemis products from home, to give my skin the most intensive treatments without having my professional hands on facial.

On this lockdown I have been trialing some of the new Elemis products that have been recently launched.

Lockdown has meant our normal beauty and hair regimes have had to alter, leaving us to fend for ourselves in these areas, therefore home care has become our only resource.

This has made me focus more on my routine, which products I use and the areas I may have been missing out on.

All of us don't quite feel ourselves and maybe this has slightly knocked our personal self confidence, also stress levels have increased and maybe over indulging in food and alcohol.

All of this has played a part and will have affected our skin, nails and hair.

Today I want to share with you this anti-ageing secret must have that I have found.

For me my eye area has always been one of my major ageing concerns, so I have always tried to prevent ageing in this area. So I treated myself to the new Elemis eye mask. The first thing I noticed about this luxurious new advanced eye treatment, was its beautiful texture, a gel/balm like feeling, that glides so smoothly around the eye contour, like no other eye product I have ever used before. Instantly I loved this new product by Elemis, secondly what blew me away was its instant effects. The skin around my eye area felt tighter, firmer and dark circles were diminished, leaving a brighter glow with a non greasy finish. Antioxidant rich Snow Algae reduces visibly effects of tension around the eyes, whilst Padina Pavonica improves the appearance of fine lines, this clinically proven multi-use eye mask delivers 24 hr  moisturisation, leaving the skin brighter and less fatigued. For me a definite to have in my cupboard for immediate results and an SOS treatment for the delicate eye area.

Stay calm, stay youthful, stay relaxed but most of all stay safe.

All my Love Tammy


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