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Create your own spa ambience in the comfort of your home

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Explore the Scentered Be Happy Aromatherapy Balm & Candle gift set. At this current difficult time with the Coronavirus lockdown and all salons and spas being closed, its important to try and achieve balance, mindfulness and inner calm

I am sure all of your lockdown experiences are very different and challenging in many ways, so I thought I would share with you and give you ideas of how I have been bringing the spa to home to help me relax, de-stress and stay focused at this challenging time.

Everyday I burn aromatherapy candles to enhance my mood creating a peaceful atmosphere and inhale the therapeutic aromatherapy smells, to complement this I have been applying aromatherapy balms to my temples, neck and wrist, a mini spa treatment in itself..

One Christmas my lovely client Jackie bought me a gift, the "I want to be happy Scentered gift set" as soon as I opened the box before even using the products I was overwhelmed with the quality of the aroma, I had to know more and I knew I had to introduce this product to Pure Indulgence Day Spa.

The citrus aromas of grapefruit and lemon combined with Myrtle and spearmint blew me away, I immediately felt uplifted, lighter and an instant smile came to my face.

 After over 20 years of having the privilege to use amazing top brands in prestigious spas and salons I knew this product was top quality and consisted of the finest aromatherapy blends.

 I knew this would be an amazing product for my clients to use at home, at work and incorporated in their day to day life.

I am a huge fan of candles both at home and at work and in the past I've spent a lot of money on purchasing them, expecting them to fill the room with opulent aromas and have been left disappointed, but this brand ticked all the boxes, true aromatherapy, a room filled with beautiful scent and a long lasting candle, alongside a non greasy aromatherapy balm that I could apply to my pulse points to enhance the effects.

I can honestly say this product changed my life, restoring lifestyle balance naturally.

 This downtime has given me time to reflect and improve on my services to you my clients and to encourage you to keep up your routines at home, create your own little home spa and look after you.

Stay calm, stay youthful, stay relaxed but most of all stay safe.

All my Love Tammy


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