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Beauty salons fight back

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The beauty industry is fighting back as UK parliament mocks the importance of the beauty sector.

This week MP's in the house of commons were seen laughing at the beauty industry, they have kept our businesses remained as closed and have not taken our beauty industry seriously at all, resulting in us therapists being left angry and annoyed.

We are sick, tired and fed up of people not taking our profession for real.

In fact we are all left fuming and concerned for our livelihoods.

The common comments we regularly hear are as follows:

"All you do is sit painting nails"

"Anyone can do a massage"

"Do you have to train to do your job"

"Are you qualified"

"You just need to look good to do your job"

Well let me tell you the beauty industry is a multi billion pound industry, it is us beauty professionals that make up this industry and all go through intensive training to qualify to do our job.

We take our jobs extremely seriously as we do our clients welfare.

To train to become a beauty therapist we study at college, anatomy and physiology of the human body, we are taught about medical conditions, illnesses, skin disorders and medical ailments which can be contraindicated to the therapy we perform.

We study all these contraindications to our therapies to ensure our clients are safe and only receiving the correct treatments they are allowed.

We are taught hygiene and cleanliness, safety around the salon, salon ethics and client care, on top of our actual treatments we learn to perform.

Every working day, therapists ALREADY are practicing cleanliness, hygiene, client health care consultations, client privacy and confidentiality, professional ethics and most importantly client care. This is drummed into us from the get go, so to adhere to new changes due to Covid-19 will simply enhance and add to our already strict protocol.

So to ask if a massage is essential, when clearly playing golf, gambling and going to the beach ARE, it is to people like myself who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic muscle pain and fatigue.

Ask our clients who may suffer from depression or mental illness how essential their visit to the spa is.

Right now I am concerned for all the beauty therapists, massage therapist, nail technicians etc who cannot work, but also for our clients self esteem, stress levels and mental welfare.

Our job is clients wellbeing, something that we can not offer them right now.

As therapists we are taught to refer our clients to their doctors if we notice irregularities about their bodies and even mindset, so for MP's to give us this lack of respect and not trust us to be safe is an insult to our industry.

Stay calm, stay youthful, stay relaxed but most of all stay safe.

All my Love Tammy


#salonsaresafe - #valueofbeauty

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